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As part of the Madras Day 2015 celebrations, A heritage walk was conducted in the Chintadripet Sivan Vishnu temple by Pradeep Chakravarthy.

 A background of History : the Britishers came to india looking for cloth and wanted to setup weavers near chennai for them to export to england. They collected capable weavers from all over south india who were willing to settle nearby chennai and created a village for them. This village was "Chinna Thari Pettai" which has changed to the now chintadripet. the weavers stipulated some conditions for them to relocate to this place and some of these were

 * The village must have temples
 * the village must have large no of trees for them to dry their cloth
 * there must be water source nearby for the business.

 The Britishers identified the current chintadripet as one that suits all the conditions and made the weavers settle here. Hence growth of chintadripet is growth of chennai.

 Shiva Temple entrance
   photo DSC_0024.jpg

Inside Sivan Temple
   photo DSC_0029.jpg

Mandapam outside Sivan temple
   photo DSC_0027.jpg photo DSC_0026.jpg  photo DSC_0025.jpg

Perumal Temple Entrance
   photo DSC_0089.jpg

Inside Perumal Temple
   photo DSC_0031.jpg

Vaahanam ;
   photo DSC_0088.jpg

Sculptures in the Mandapam outside the Shiva Temple
   photo DSC_0086.jpg photo DSC_0085.jpg  photo DSC_0084.jpg

 photo DSC_0083.jpg

Bronze Statues: These two bronze statues are one of the most prized possessions of these temples.
   photo DSC_0047.jpg photo DSC_0046.jpg

Sculptures inside the temple
   photo DSC_0045.jpg photo DSC_0039.jpg  photo DSC_0038.jpg  photo DSC_0037.jpg  photo DSC_0036.jpg  photo DSC_0035.jpg  photo DSC_0034.jpg  photo DSC_0033.jpg

Varaha Avataram
   photo DSC_0073.jpg

Krishna Avataaram
   photo DSC_0072.jpg

I think the below must be Vaamana Avatharam
   photo DSC_0071.jpg

Koorma Avatharam
   photo DSC_0057.jpg

Another instance of varaha Avataram

   photo DSC_0056.jpg

Narasimha Avataram
   photo DSC_0053.jpg

Krishnar dancing on snake
   photo DSC_0052.jpg

Krishnar Stealing Vennai
   photo DSC_0060.jpg

Animals listening to Krishnar
   photo DSC_0050.jpg

Some other Sculptures :

 Kids dancing with mother
   photo DSC_0048.jpg photo DSC_0061.jpg  photo DSC_0059.jpg  photo DSC_0058.jpg  photo DSC_0055.jpg  photo DSC_0054.jpg  photo DSC_0051.jpg  photo DSC_0049.jpg

Monday, May 09, 2011

My Travels - 2011


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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vijayawada Trip

Vijayawada trip

Date : 5-3-2011
Place : Vijayawada
People : Megarajan and Raghavendra

Another day, Another Marriage, this time in Vijayawada.

There is something interesting about caves and I heard there were many caves around vijayawada. Hence the plan was to see as many of them as possible.
These were the ones I had in mind.

[1] Undavalli caves
[2] Mogalrajapuram caves
[3] Akkanna and Madana caves

But I was able to see only Undavalli caves in this trip and I had to miss the others.

Undavalli caves

The undavalli caves were just outside of vijayawada and were well maintained by the ASI.


Description of the undavalli caves


Old Telugu Inscriptions in the cave


Brahma and other associated gods.


anantasayana perumal


Greenery around the caves :


Garuda ;


Not sure who these people are , but they keep a constant watch.


Amaravathi stupa :

In my last trip , I missed this one and I expected a lot out of this. But it turned out be a damp squib with nothing more than a mound.

This is a buddha statue currently being built to make amaravathi more prominent in the buddhist tourist map.




this is model of the stupa which must have been present in amaravathi .


Kondapalli fort

In my many previous treks, though I have not been the fittest of all, I have seen many people struggling hard to climb, and needed help. But today was the day when it caught up with me and I was left gasping for breath and I had to see others waiting for me to catch up. :-( . Somehow with the help of Raghavendra who accompanied me in this trip, I was finally able to climb to the top.


The fort was a big one and it had the nicest of views.



Kondapalli Toys

After we climbed down the kondapalli fort, we spent a lot of time going through the shops in the kondapalli village and finally I didnt buy anything worthwhile.
The toys were many and were very good. I wish they were more popular and they sold more of them.


This was the biggest of them all and was eye catching.


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