Monday, June 19, 2006

Chitoor Trip

Place : Chitoor, Madanapalli
People : Mega and Gopi
Date : 16,17 Jun 2006
Transport: Govt Buses

Another day and Another marriage to attend. This time it is my oors Kesavan going down the line.

And what do we do after a marriage?. We stay back and look around the place. So this time it is Chitoor and nearby places.

Chitoor is a very hot town in AP very much near to Chennai. The town itself is surrounded by hills.

Chitoor Railway Station

Kanipakam Temple , Kanipakam

Kanipakam is a very famous Vinayaka Shrine near to Chitoor.

After this we shift our base to Madanapalli which is another town famous for producing the great philosopher and thinker "J.Krishnamurthy" to the world. But sadly not many in this town know of his name.

Mogileswarar Temple , Mogili

Mogili is situated at a distance of 30 km from Chittoor and 10 km from Palamaner on the Chennai - Bangalore highway. It is one of the sacred places in Chittoor District on account of the existence of the Mogileeswara Temple. Shiva is worshipped here under the title of Abbreswara, the Sanskrit form of Mogileeswara or Iswara of the Skies.

Thats what the AP tourism site says about Mogili. This is a little temple right on NH205. The temple may be small but the deity is deemed to be very powerful. :-)

Gangamma Temple , Boyakonda or Boyikonda

All over Chittor District we can see many temples raised for women who were later worshipped as Gods. The ones I know are Devamma , Gangamma and Redemma temples and maybe much more are present.

Gangamma Temple is one among them and is on top of a hill named as Boyakonda. The locals call it as Boyikonda. It is a good trek up the hills and the top gives a nice view of the plains below and the surrounding hills.

Path to the temple

The temple

Shops on the way to the temple

Scary statues on the way to top

Sompalli or Sompalayam :

How To reach: Take the Bus to Kadiri which goes via Mulakalacheruvu from Madanapalli and get down at Mulakalacheruvu. From there you can go to sompalli by bus or auto or jeep. Many share Autos and jeep go to Sompalayam but be ready for the ride of yourlifetime if you choose the latter two. The Chenna Kesava temple is on the main road but is hidden and cannot be seen from the road.

Kovulur Devamma Temple, Sompalayam :

This is a small temple with some interesting sculptures.

Front view

What is this ?

Kannapa Nayanar

The Lion Bird

View from the backside

Chenna Kesava Swamy Temple , Somapalli or Somapalayam :

This temple is the find of the tour. It is a great temple with good sculptures , good carved pillars , and Mural paintings. It has been built by the Vijayanagar Kings.

According to local tradition a shepherd was responsible for the construction of this temple during Vijayanagar period.

ASI Board

Front View of the Temple

Dwajasthamba :

Front View of Bottom of DwajaSthamba

Rear View of Bottom of Dwajasthamba

Garuda in Dwajasthamba

Like in all Vishnu Temples, Garuda is present outside the temple facing the god.

Dancer in Dwajasthamba

Uyyala or Oonjal Mandapam :

Front View





Another Mandapam

Front view of the way to Moolavar

Kalyana Mandapam :

Front view

Carved Pillars :

Pillar with Designs

Pillar with Sculptures with Arch

Pillar with sculptures without Arch



Vishnu in Sitting Posture

Men holding the Pillars on their shoulders

This figure looks dwarfish with beard and Kamandalam. He must be Agasthiyar.

A Short video of the Mandapam:

If you would like to see a short video of the Mandapam just click on play.

or access it at

Front view of the Main Mandapam :

Mural Paintings

The Chenna Kesava Swamy temple has got good Mural paintings also.

Marriage Procession

Rama killing asura with Arrow with Vishvamitra at the back.

Me on top of elephant.

Scultpures in Main Mandapam:

What is this ?

Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills is called as the "Ooty of Andhra". But it is so small that even calling it as "Yercaud of Andhra" would be wrong. The hill station is just 1KM and we can go around it by walk in 1 hour. But a good and cool place to enjoy solitude. There is hardly any crowd here.

Welcome Board

Enugu Mallamma Temple

Before Horsley decided to make this as his stay during summer months , this hill has been called as the Enugu Mallamma Hills from the temple which is present on top of it.

View from Horsley Hills

The Lone Tree

Oldest Eucalptus Tree in AP

This is touted to be the Oldest Eucalptus tree in the whole of AP , planted by Horsley himself .

P.S : Thanks to Gopi for bringing the camera and to Vamsi for drawing me a map of Chitoor.



Subbaraman said...

Nice one, Mega..BTW, how come Gopi joined in this trip? Dont ask him to stand near pillars..He may pick them up saying "Indha kuchiya yaaru inga nattu vechanga?" :))

- NSR.

Megarajan said...

subbu ,

Actually it is me who joined Gopi for attending his room mates marriage in chitoor. And your suggestion is well taken. :-)

RMS said...

Somapalayam fotos are really super and nice coverage...the chittoor fotos reminds me my 2 yrs inter college days there

charan said...

nice work and u deserve an applause. keep sharing ur work.

Arivoli said...

While taking the photos of the places also take the photos of the people living there.The video is fast moving I cannot observe the cravings.

Megarajan said...


Kashtam thaan, but Will try to take people photos also.

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