Friday, July 21, 2006

Hills in Chennai - 2 - Parangi Malai

This is the second part in the "Hills in Chennai" series.

This hill known earlier as Parangi Malai is now more commonly known as St.Thomas Mount after the saint and the church built on top of this hill.

If you would like to have a feeling of travelling(atleast for a short while) in winding roads and blind turns in chennai, you can try this hill. We can travel in vehicles till the top of this hill.

Entrance :

Church :


This hill offers a nice view of the Madras City and importantly the Airport.
You can get a nice view of planes taking off and landing from the top of this hill.

Velachery Swimming Pool Complex:


Nandambakkam Trade Centre :

Chennai Airport:

Sunset :

The next hill in this series would be Thiruneer Malai.

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Anonymous said...

i like this series.

will wait to see thiruneermalai.

- Maruthu Pandian

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