Sunday, September 10, 2006

Temples in Chennai - 1 - The Mylapore Connection of Thiruvalluvar

This is the first part in the series Temples in Chennai.

What better way to start than by paying homage to the great Thiruvalluvar.

The temple we would be looking at now is "The Thiruvalluvar Temple".

After my renewed interest in Tamil, I was waiting to visit this temple. I had visited this temple in my childhood days when I was in mylapre.

There cannot be any Tamilian who has not heard of Thiruvalluvar.

But any other detail other than his name and his work is not known for sure.

In such a situation a legend saying that Thiruvalluvar was born in a certain place is interesting to look at.

The myth is that Thiruvalluvar must have been born either in Mylapore or in Madurai.

Lets look at the Mylapore connection of Thiruvalluvar.

The only evidence that gives birth to this legend is the temple constructed in the premises which is claimed to be the birthplace of Thiruvalluvar himself.

Please read the below article on Thiruvalluvar Temple by Hindu before going further.

Hindu article

The entrance of the temple

The Moolavar : Its funny to say that Thiruvalluvar is the moolavar in this temple , but this is what this temple offers.

The exact Birthplace of Thiruvalluvar :

The protected place claiming that this is the birthplace of Thiruvalluvar.

Other gods

This temple is none less than other Hindu temples in playing host to many gods. like the Naga statues you see below. There are the ubiquitious navagraha statues also in this temple.

Inhabitants of the temple

The temple was desolate when I was there, but I went in a hot afternoon.
People who frequent this temple seems to be these kids who are happy with the big playspace they have got for themselves.


1. I donot in anyway claim this is the birthplace of Thiruvalluvar by any means ,but this is simply my effort in putting this online for many more eyes to look at.

2. This is NOT a ASI protected monument. It IS a Hindu temple as of now.


Subbaraman said...

Nice info, Mega. I dont know about this temple earlier.But I've heard about his connection with Mylapore.

SLN said...

Very interesting information, one I didnt know. Where exactly it is located.

Would love to see our Kalaignar's reaction to this one as Thiruvalluvar is his favorite.


Megarajan said...


I missed to mention one important point about your question..

this temple was opened by Kalaignar himself. I saw it on the plaque in the temple.

Megarajan said...

To reach this temple, you have to go to Sanskrit College,Mylapore.
From there any Auto driver would be able to give the directions.

SLN said...

Hi Megarajan

Thanks for the information. I thought atheist Kalaignar would have been angered / surprised by a temple for Thiruvalluvar. Now I am surprised.


Ash said...

Got to go this temple

Thanks Megarajan, for direction

karunagaran said...

hai mega,
I would like to share some more info about our thiruvalluvar. this info was given by MR.karunanidhi, CM, Tamilnadu.

During Bagthavachalam period the last congress Chief minister in tamilnadu. one famous painter from mylapore painted thiruvalluvar. this is the image we mostly believe as thiruvalluvar. That original picture is still in our tamilnadu assembly building. Later that image was recognised by tamilnadu government and used in many places including text books.

Megarajan said...

Hi Karuna,

Yes , I am aware of the info that the present image of Thiruvalluvar was just an artists imagination.

Thanks anyway.


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