Monday, December 11, 2006

Caves in/around Chennai - 2 - Chinna Malai Cave

Caves in Chennai !!!! ?

If you think that I am out of my mind to talk about a Cave in the City of Chennai, Sorry, I can show you many Caves in /around Chennai.

This is the first part in the series - Caves in Chennai

Chinna Malai

This cave is right in the heart of Chennai. Dont think I am joking. T
This cave is right on the Mount Road or Anna Salai , the arterial road of chennai. The bus stop next to saidapet on Mount Road is known as Chinna Malai or Little Mount and this is where you find this cave.

A church has been constructed around the caves.

The Entrance to the Church

The Entrance to the caves

The inside of the Caves

The Story of the Caves

The next article in the Cave series would be Vallam Caves.

P.S :

1. This article is just a rehashed version of a previous one at

2. This article is to emphasize the presence of a cave in the heart of chennai.


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