Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Caves in/around Chennai - 3 - Vallam Caves

This is the second part in the Series "Caves in/around Chennai"..

These caves are known as "Vallam Caves" after the place where they are located.

The importance to these caves comes from the fact that it was the Pallava King Mahendra Varman who made these.

And these caves contain some of the oldest tamil inscriptions.The dates are supposed to be between AD 610 and 675.

The Caves here actually are a set of 3 caves.
The Caves now function as a Hindu Temple.

View of all the Caves.

A Good View of the Cave at the Right.

The Tamil inscriptions on the pillars of the caves.

The Horns on this statue are one of its kind in India and is a unsolved mystery.

View from the top

The Board on the Main road.

How To Go : Go to Chengelput and take the road to Mahabalipuram. A sk for Vallam and then ask for "Malai Kovil".


SLN said...

Hi Megarajan,

Good to see you back (travelling) in Chennai after a long time. Wonderful photos as usual


Megarajan said...

Hi SLN ,

Oh... Great that you noticed the delay. I was little occupied with constructing my house.

But now the travel bug has hit me again.

I have set myself a Goal of one new place per month.


Alexander said...

Nice to see all your trips. Please post more good places in tamil nadu around chennai.

கொற்றவை said...

Hi Mega,

Beautiful Photos, I am studying Temple Art & Architecture as a part of Arts Management course and was browsing on Vallam Temple. Its very useful. Keep Travelling and explore the World further.

Megarajan said...

Hi Nirmalah,

Thanks for the appreciation and the encouragement. :-)

Vijay said...


wonderful post and pictures. i run a blogsite on sculpture

please have a look and write to me when you have time. would love to feature your photos on the site


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing my area pic, Am from chengalpet only but i dont know much details abt this but after seeing your photos i got shocked and suprised.... :) i ha ve been on the way but didnt get inside to see :(

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