Friday, October 19, 2007

The 5 Smallest Countries in the world

The 5 Smallest countries in the world are

1. Vatican City
2. Monaco
3. Nauru
4. Tuvalu
5. San Marino

My Interesting Files: 5 Smallest Countries

Have a look at the above post. A Good one with the current status of the countries.

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Annamalayaar said...

Hello Friend!

This posting of yours is really informative. Thanks for the same! I can even swear that many people don't know more than Vatican City.

Soon after I saw your comments in my blog, I logged onto your blog on travelogues with the hope of reading a new travelogue. But I really got disappointed, when I realised that there wasn't any new post in this. I couldn't enjoy your posts on "Software" in your another blog, since I am a non-software professional. When can I expect your next travelogue? Also kindly try to draft your ensuing travelogues in Tamizh because travelogue literature(Payana Ilakkiyangal) are very scare in our language.

Actually, I wanted to post that particular election address of Arignar Anna in my blog in Tamizh. One of my Tamizh teachers told me about it. What you have said is correct but the exact words of Arignar Anna are as under:

"Maathamo Chithirai
Neramo Patharai
Ungalaithi Thazhuvuvatho Nithirai
Thavaraamal Iduveer Emakku Muthirai"

One more interesting fact on Anna is coming up soon in my blog. Soon after I post it, I 'll let you know.

I wholly concur with you for your comment on my post "Tamizh Enagalai Ariyaa Tamizhargal". As responsible Tamilians, what shall we do? Could you please offer me some advice? I really don't know how to bring it to the notice of Kalaignar.

This shouldn't persist. If it does persist, in due course our mother tongue would lose its status of Classical Langauge, which it gained in 2004 after hell lot of hurdles.

Friend! In my blog there is one interesting post on Kaviarasu Kannadasan. Didn't u go through it? Ok! Let me stop here. Hoping to read more travelogues in your blog.

Annamalayaar said...

Hello Friend!

I also admire Arignar Anna for his eloquence, intelligence and so on and so forth.

Ok! One more interesting thing on Anna is ready in my blogspot. Requesting you to have a look at it and offer your valuable comments.

Glad to hear from you that u have plans to draft atleast one travelogue in a month. Hope it is worth reiterating. Try to draft in Tamizh please!

Your comments are really inspiring. Am Planning to come up with useful and informative posts. Bye for now!

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