Thursday, May 05, 2005

A weekend Gone sour

It was a good weekend to start with .I had plans to go for the tamil movie Kadhal with my friend senthil babu on saturday and to the movie Aitraaz with Sai .. It started just as any other weekend would . On Saturday , the day of Christmas , I woke up in my home as usual . After idling my time till 11.00 , I left my home for Satyam cineplex , where we have to see Kadhal.

The movie went nicely without any hiccups except the climax.
We could not believe the climax would be a real one , but it seems that there
are still people as good as the ones depicted in the movie , live on earth .

After we sat down , it was time to feast ourselves on the treat given by senthil babu . Can you guess what that could be .It was a quarter kg of Aavin Palcova , ( Milk Khoa for non-tamil-speaking audience.) It looked delicious even without opening as you can see it down.

After we finished our treat , ravi and senthil babu went to play in the beach . Me and kumaran did not move an inch and sat talking about the way malayalis live and their chracteristics .( For any malayalis reading this, the summary was that , though god has given them enough in environment , he hasnt given them much in their hearts.)

Senthil babu asked me to take a nice picture of him ( how difficult that would be ....) so that he can show the pictures while chatting to girls. The picture I took is below.

If you are a person with good eyesight , you would instantly
tell that the thing in grey looks bad in the combination with the thing in
Brown .:-)

So we packed on Saturday evening around 6.30 from

Sunday Morning , I woke up late and had a nice bath . When I
switched on the TV , it was shown that there was a earthquake in madras , and
buildings had slight tremors. But I did not hear anything as I was in deep

I started around 11.00 to satyam theatre to check for
tickest for Aitraaz. No tickets were avail able even though it has
been runinng for 50 days now , that must be a good film to see . Hence I
returned from satyam theater and made my appearance at my office in
N.M Road

It was there I got the idea that I can go and see the Marina today to see how much it affected . Hence I proceeded from my office to marina .

I went to Ethiraj salai , people were looking down the
bridge over the river cooum . I did not understand why they were seeing the
drainage so earnestly .

After that I went to Wallajah road , the place where I had
been yesterday . It was very much different today . All the people in the town
were walking down Wallajah road , and towards beach . See below .

was turned away near the chepauk palace by the traffic
people .I then went via a shortcut to the road adjoining the chepauk grounds
.The people in the houses were looking with much awe . they havent seen these
many people and vehicles going thru their streets all these years .But today was a different day , isnt it ..Much different than anybody had seen in 50 years.

I finally parked my vehicle , a classic , red Sport , owned
by , only some good people with very good taste , in the whole of Madras.

I went to the marina , the sight there was nothing I had
seen in my entire life. Though marina was nothing new to lakhs of people ,
today all of them were in solemn mood , wondering what happened . To be said in
my friend Divakars way , it was Damage !! Total Damage !!

A damaged Gypy getting all the attention as though it was an
alien space craft directly descended from Space.

The next was the red omni which had been parked in the road
by somebody. But now it was parked in the middle of the beach by no one other
than Mother Nature .

dust bin that was never used ...being washed by nature .

was getting clean nowadays .. but it seems it was never liked by nature , so it put back all the debris in an hour , it would have taken days for humans to generate.

I have nothing to say about this. This is the remains of a
sari. Whether it was in use during the
calamity , I never know ...

People being chased by police men as though they are owners
of this place . they would never visit this side of the shore during normal

Marina - this is a sight to remember . Marina will never be as calm as this on a sunday evening for years to come .

An helicopter surveying the happenings below it . As usual ,
they were just seeing from a more vantage point.

Have you seen the devils colour. See for yourself below . I
would say , The devil is Blue in Colour .

People searching for treasure deposited by Sea goddesses in
these fishing nets .

People searchin for treasure in these fishing nets .

As everyone was searching for something in the sea waters ,I wondered what it was , and I found the answer very soon .All of them were searching for the deposited by the sea the night before .I had collected lots of them in my child days , but it was long time I collected one .This was nature' way of making men do what it wants. So I started searching for a sangu in all the debris , there was , after some time I was able to get my hands on one . See below for my precious find . I went on to find another one after sometime ...

The connection between the sea and the shores .

The place where sea water entered the shores .

As time progressed , the waves increased in strength and
were in full flow . It was the starting of a " Pournami ( a full moon night ) and hence the waves were being aided by the moon .

It was visible as time progressed , and I was getting more
nervous as the time increased .

When my mother had said to return home early to take her to
temple , I was here on marina wandering alone . As thoughts of my family
returned after a long time , I made my way home.

Photos by : Megarajan

Content by : Megarajan


Anonymous said...

it is really great to read yours.
it is much like walking with a close friend who knows the city and its flavour.

after a very long time i had a satisfaction of read a travelore.

all the best.

nb. pl use of some good quality photos will enhance your blog.


Megarajan said...

Hi Sundar,

Welcoem to my blog , and since these photos were taken with my mobile, they are of lesser quality.

My Recent travelogues in would have much better quality photographs.

Arivoli said...

Hi Mega,
Its very nice article on Tsunami in Chennai. Now I am wandering where I had been during the day of Tsunami because of my short memory I cannot remember where I had been gone as if I was there in Chennai I will also come along with you.

Megarajan said...


thanks for the comments.

Steffi said...

Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging!

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