Thursday, May 12, 2005

Tirupati Trip

Place : Tirupati
Dates : 5,6 March 2005
People : Megarajan,Gopi alias yanai , Sivakumar alias meesai , Joshi

One fine day Gopi was mentioning that he was going to Tirupati with his roommates and was looking out for places to see in and around Tirupati to see ..
As a good boy fond of travelling , I told him that he need not worry , when I am there since I will be coming with him. Yaamirukka Bayam en ... ?

We started in Chennai from the Koyambedu Bus stand. We gave a healthy start to the trip by having hot Aavin milk first. After fighting some time to which bus to board , either a APSRTC or SETC , we decided it would be SETC , as good tamilians. Next I know was that I was in Tirupathi , sometime around 2.00 or 2.30 A.M .

We went to the Railway station from there and got our Sudharsana tickets tied to our hands. Then we went tophill to Tirumala and after discussing various options for staying and 1 hour of small time quarrel we decided to stay in the Cottage provided by the Tirupathi Devasthanam. There are NO private staying lodges in Tirumala.

We went to our Cottages and after planning out our trip which essentially was everybody telling their own views , we decided to sleep till afternoon that day and to have all our sight seeing for next day .

Our time for getting Darshan of the God was 2.00 P.M and we were able to get a darshan of God by 4.30 P.M .

In between I got separated from my friends and my friends say this bcos I was always looking at other beautiful tourists of Tirupathi. Anyway , I broadcasted all over Tirumala that I got last and was waiting for my friends. After the broadcast I located my friends almost immediately .

We roamed here and there for sometime and had our dinner at Hotel Annapoorna .

After spending some time at one of the parks in Tirumala , We came back to our cottages by 9.30 P.M and had a nice sleep that night.

The Next Day Morning , we had to go on sight seeing . As a good guide , I told them about the places we have to visit and were looking for a jeep .

The places we had in mind were

1. Srivari Paathulu
2. Sila Thoranam
3. Chakra Theertham
4. Sanctum Sanctorum View point
5. Agasa Ganga
6. Papavinasanam
7. Venugopalswamy temple
8. Gogarbham Dam

We hopped on to one of the free buses plying in Tirumala and reached the main road and took a jeep for our trip.

Srivari Paathalu :

This place is supposed to be the first place where God put his foot in Earth when he came from Heaven before settling at the present place in the Temple .
This is the topmost point in the Seven hills of Tirupathi makes it even more scenic and gorgeous .

The view from the Srivaari Paathalu was breathtaking and beautiful .

The pine forests on the way to Srivaari Paathalu

Sila Thoranam :

This place is a Natural Rock formation supposed to be 2000 Million Years old .
The rocks in this place are shaped in the forms of Chakra ,Sangu, Garuda the compatriots of Vishnu who resides in the Seven hills.

The Thoranam

The ASI warning in front of the Sila Thoranam

There was a small number of animals also being bred in sila thoranam. There were peacocks , Pigeons , Parrots and Rabbits...

Chakra Theertham :

The Chakra theertham is situated near the Sila thoranam and a temple with Swayambu lingam is present here.
The theertham with water can be viewed at

The Rock in the Chakra Theertham

The view from the Chakra Theertham

Sanctum Sanctorum View point

This is a view point from where you can see the entire Temple with all its Asthana Mandapam , Garbhagriham , everything . It looked like a football stadium.

Akasa Ganga :

Akasa Ganga is a place having a devi temple and a nearby stream which is supposed to be divine.

PapaVinasanam :

Papavinasanam is a place where there is a dam situated and also a place to bath.
The dam is restricted to Visitors and one cannot enjoy a good bath here in the little stream of water that flows from the top.

VenuGopalSwamy Temple :

Venugopalswamy temple is the temple which was worshipped by an ardent Vishnu devotee , Hathiram babaji whose Samadhi can also be found nearby .

Gogarbham Dam :

Gogarbham Dam is on the way to Papavinasanam and has a beautiful view amidst the hills.

The windmills on Tirumala.

If you have patiently read this far , I appreciate your patience and would request you to see all photos of my tirupathi Trip at

Tirupathi in flickr

I would request you to visit all the places at Tirupati that I have mentioned .

There are other places that even I havent gone in Tirupathi. They are

1. Japali Theertham - a 2 KM trek
2. Thumburu Theertham

And many other theerthams in the hills ...

Miles to go Before I sleep ...
Miles to go before I sleep ...

Still Travel Hungry


Anonymous said...


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Megarajan said...


good idea .
I would really like to travel in others money :-) , but travel is only my second interest after programming.

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