Saturday, September 24, 2005

Digging the Deccan ....

Digging the Deccan - Hyderabad Trip

Places : Hyderabad , Waarangal
People : Mega , Muthu , Parames , Senthil ,Kalyan , Thiyagu.

We were having plans to attend my friend Harish's Marriage plans in Hyderabad. And thereby visit all the places in and around Hyderabad.
The marriage was on Thursday , and we had Thur , Fri , Sat , Sun and Mon at our disposal. So it was going to be a long tour , infact the longest I have undertook till now.
We had plans to visit Waarangal and Hyderabad.

One of the main rituals in Indian Marriages is seeing Arundhati and Swarish accomplished that with great ease,Sorry Swarish , I could not resist posting this photo :-)

Places :


1. Kotagallu , Ghanpur
2. Ramappa Temple
3. Ramappa Cheruvu
4. Waarangal Fort
5. Waarangal Swayambhuva temple
6. Waarangal Thousand Pillar temple
7. Thousand Pillar Temple
8. Devi Temple , HanomKonda


1. Char Minar
2. Salar Jung Museum
3. Hussain Sagar Lake
4. Birla Mandir
5. Chowmahalla Palace
6. Golconda Fort
7. Qutub Shahi Tombs

Waarangal :

Waarangal for me was a exotic sounding name. Waarangal is a place which finds mention in Marco Polos travel diaries.
When trying to know more about it , I came to know that the original name of Waarangal is "Oru gallu" and it had been the capital of the Kakatiya rulers.
If you had never heard of the Kakatiya , it is time you heard about them.

Kakatiyas were Hindu rulers who ruled over large parts of present day Andhra pradesh with Waarangal as their capital. They also seemed to have gained a good name for themselves
while they ruled since you can see and hear the name "Kakatiya" many times if you had been to interior Andhra.

Ghanpur Temple :

I had huge expectations for the temples at Ghanpur. It was projected to be a place, with no human beings in sight, where you can enjoy your solitude.
Sadly Ghanpur is not a so famous destination . We had to persist with the taxi driver to take us there. And there also it wasnt easy to find the temples.
The temples were at the end of the village , but not in the main road. There was a small mud road which led to the temples.
But once we neared the temple it was as if we entered heaven. There were a set of dilapidated stone sculptures with no human being in sight. Not even one. The whole area
was covered by palmyra trees . We were the only ones in the place. We were awestruck by the locality. It was a different world in itself.
The temples at Ghanpur gave us the pleasure of discovering a new place. We felt as if we were the first to discover the place. There was no sight of human activity there.
No compound wall to protect the temple , No security , No human being , and not even the plastic left over by people you will find in many places.
It seemed we were among the small, elite no of people who had set foot on the place.

In front of the temple :

Main Temple :

Side View :

Entrance to the garbagriham :

Peacock or duck ?

BAck Side :

Group of Temples:

Smaller Temple:

If you would like to understand the meaning of "TOTAL DAMAGE" , you can very well land up at kotagallu. Though the village name is Ghanpur , the group of temples in ghanpur are locally known as "kotagallu" or Mountain of Stones .

Ramappa Temple :

When I first heard of Ramappa Temple, it was touted be the only temple in India which is known by the person who sculpted it rather than the presiding deity.
Think of the architectural feats he must have done to achieve that distinction.

Though the Ramappa temple signifies one main temple , there are actually 2 temples constructed by Ramappa. Both are Shiva temples in the Palampet village.


Gopuram :

Back Side View :

Pillar Sculptures:

Elephant Sculptures :

Lady Sculptures :

Man fighting a lion:

Dancers and Singers:

Small Temple :

This is a small temple inside the compound of the Ramappa temple. In this all the pillars are good and most of them are about to fall.
See for yourself.

See also :

Ramappa Cheruvu :

Ramappa apart from constructing a temple , also constructed a big dam or a lake for irrigation purpose which is still being used.

Thousand Pillar Temple :

This is the most famous temple in Waarangal and occupies the first position in all of the tourists places in Waarangal. Though it is named the Thousand pillar temple
the number of pillars is 300.

Description :

Front view of Thousand Pillar Mandapam :

When first we heard the name , we imagined how a Thousand pillars might be. But sadly here we were not able to get a closer look as it was under renovation .

Front view of the Temple:

Back view of the temple:

See Also :

Waarangal Fort :

Description of Waarangal Fort :

Temple :

Top View of Temple :

Waarangal Temple :

When we thinking where is the temple , all we could see was pieces of independent scupltures lying here and there . This is what remains of the temple which stood here.

I have put the photos of whatever we would be able to see. Everything sculpture is now separate. You have to construct the temple in your imagination .

The temple itself was guarded on the four sides by piece known as Hamsa Thorana . There are four on each side.

Ganesha Statue :



Fiercesome yaali :

Dancers and Singers :

The fact that the following sculpture appears inside a perfect rectangle makes me think that this could have been the flag for Kakatiyas. I am not sure though.

Devi Temple , Hanom Konda

This Devi temple is also similar to the one I had seen earlier in Vijayawada .

See Also :

Hyderabad :

Char Minar :

Description of Char Minar :

Char Minar :

Minaret :

Decorations :

City from Char Minar :

Masjid Near Char Minar

Chowmahalla Palace :

Outside the Chowmahalla Palace :

View from the Entrance

Inside Palace :

Richly Decorated Walls:

Canons inside Palace :

Front View of the Durbar

Top view of the durbar

Place from where the ladies observe the happenings.


Ceiling Decorations:

Salar Jung Museuem :

Salar Jung was a Hyderabad Nizam who had a penchant for collection art items.The Salar Jung museuem is touted to be the largest art collection by a single person in the world. The collection has been now taken over by the government and is now maintained in the salar Jung museum.

Facade of SalarJung Museum :

Veiled Rebecca Statue:

The Veiled Rebecca Statue is one of the most prized possessions of Salar jung Museum. It was made by the Italian sculptor Benzoni.
This one does not need any artistic inclination to understand its elegance. Anyone who can see it will be able to appreciate how the sculptor has brought out a thin veil of stone over the face. One of the must see items in the Museum .

Birla Mandir :

The Birla Mandir is a Hindu temple built by the Birla Foundation on a small hillock overlooking the Hussain Saagar lake. The temple itself is built
entirely on white marble procured from Rajasthan and by artists from Rajasthan.The temple is beautiful and has a nice view of the Hussain Saagar lake.

Hussain Saagar Lake :

The Hussain Saagar Lake is the one which separates Hyderabad from Secunderabad , the Old City from the New City .
Chandrababu Naidu put in place a Buddha Statue in the middle of the lake which can be accessed by boat.

Description of Buddha Statue :

Besides the Buddha :

Golconda Fort :

Description :

Entrance to the fort:

The Arson gallery where all the ammunitions were kept.

The mosque where Aurangazeb prayed when he stayed here.

Baramatis Palace.

View of the Qutub shahi Tombs from Golconda.

A Hindu temple on top of Golconda

Way down :

Anthapuram :

Top :

Qutub Shahi Tombs :

These are burial tombs for many of the Muslim rulers who ruled over Nizam.

After seeing all these places , it was time to return to places with brick and cement. :-)

There ends our tour of Hyderabad and Waarangal . I hope you had a nice read.


Thanks to all my friends who took the photos and gave permission to use them.
Special thanks and a word of praise for Muthu , who took some of the best photos in this.


Kiran said...

Hi Mega,

Simply wonderfull !!! Please do call me for your next explorations of this world..:)

Njoi madi...


Manikam said...

Very Nice man.
But a bit too long I'd say for a blog..

Nice pics. Someday, I'll also want to go out like this. But currently no company in my new company : (

Selva said...

Which Camera are you using... The photos are really good...

Anonymous said...

Awesome !

for the ques :peacocks or ducks ?
Those are peacocks.. must be Peacocks are long associated with Indian subcontinent and carry a special place in the hindu arts & beliefs.


Senthil Babu said...

superda mega...
looks like there are many temples built with Hoysala architecture ..
was great to see wonderful carvings.. think there are many such places to explore...


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Prakash said...

Really appreciable travelling going on... Loved it. Great Photografs

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