Friday, October 28, 2005

Mazhai in Madras ...

Hello ,

All those who have been saying that Madras is a water starved city has to take back their words , atleast for this season. It is now a water logged city.

Lets have a look at what the monsoons has changed about chennai.

This is a view of my street :

Chennai , that too Madipakkam is place to be in , this season :-)
If you think that going to school or office , or Maligai kadai in a Boat is not Cool , then what is more cool ?

My journey to Office started in a boat , and most probably it might end in a boat this evening , when I go back to my home.

Boat in front of my house

Neighbours moving out of Madipakkam :

After coming out of Madipakkam , I came to St.Thomas Mount to board the Electric train. The places I came by were not so cool , in that they had all tar roads. The flavour of the season is not Tar .

When I reached Mount Railway station , news was in the air that the subway was filled to the brim and some dare devil drivers had parked their vehicles inside the subway for a little waterwash :-) .

Water till the top of the subway :

Auto inside the subway :

Lorry inside the subway :


It was gala time for Kids . they jumped into the swimming pool which had suddenly come at the back of their house.

Check whether you are able to see the bus inside the waters in the below picture.
If not , see the next photo to verify .

The kid is standing on top of the bus .

Kids playing on top of the bus.

The Adyar River , which for years had stayed still , was moving in full force.

From the Water logged Streets of Chennai ,

If you wonder why this is in Travelogues section , My visit to my office today is a travel worthy of mention.


Senthil Babu said...

It is indeed worth mentioning in the travelogues da..
I wish I could have visited some places like this :)
Feeling bad sitting at home that too with no power...

Ganesh R said...

Its really cool to get out on a boat from your house.Atleast for a day you can experience backwaters of kerla in chennai.

Anonymous said...

I miss all this.. Just Chilling in Hyderabad da...

Hope it Again rains heavily for Diwali....


NSR said...

Kalakare Mega..Enjoy maadi

Anonymous said...

Cool Mega... guess you had great fun :)

Selva said...

Cool da mega...

Anonymous said...

Good virtual trip in Chennai!!!


Gopinathan said...

This is a breaking news for me. I was aware that there was too much rain, but like a flood.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. excellent chennai trip..
and tnx for taking me thro the virtual tour though so many miles away.. I feel close to home :)


Ekanth said...

Never thought it were so bad. You pictures depict it better than the newspapers did.

I did smile when I saw the photo where a kid was jumping into the waters. Anything can happen!

Manikam said...

Holy God! I'd known that it was bad, but didn't ever have a clue that it would be this bad. Great write up megha. Did you try sending it to some paper/magazine along with photos?

BTW, I thank god that my parents shifted home from thiruvanmayur, just a couple of days prior to the rains. That was a place where even the normal rains threaten to bring water right into the house. I heard everybody in the groundfloor of the building where are house was (also in the ground floor) where forced to evacuate.

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