Thursday, December 29, 2005

Pondicherry trip

Pondicherry Trip :

People : Mega , Divakar , Yehiya , Vijayan ,Varathu , partner, omni , kamalakannan and sivashankaran.

Finally a treat cum trip materialised bcos of the promotions offered to some of us  in HCL and Yehiyas Confirmation. Pondicherry was finally selected bcos none of us had seen it. We will talk only about the trip here :-)

The Chief Secretariat :

The Secreteriat of Pondicherry was just like in Chennai , facing a beach but
in Pondicherry it is more prominent. If a Tsunami strikes Pondicherry again , the first building to be see it would be the Secreteriat. So much for Town planning and Urban planning. Without any gates , without any security , it bore a picture of solitudeness.

Gandhi Beach :

Just opposite the Secreteriat is the Gandhi Beach. Nothing special here in
this beach. You cannot even enter the beach waters. :-(

Manakula Vinayagar Kovil :
This was the place my mom suggested to go , since she had been here when she
was in college.
The temple is supposed to be a famous one , we can tell by the maintenance of
it. It had statues for all known forms of Ganesha.
My mother said that there would be 108 vinayagars. But I didnt try to count.
After my trip to Munnar , I hadnt made compromised yet with the elephant community
, and here I made sure that my misdeeds have indeed been forgotten by them :-)

Chunambar Island / Resort:
This place is purported to be a Island. We didnt verify it though.  I
have heard of this island bcos of the fact that the software company CTS took all of
its employees to this island as part of its annual trip.

This resort managed by the PTDC ( Pondicherry Tourism Development Corporation
) had a park in it.

Noone amongst us tried to climb to the top of the tree house. Signs of
growing old ? :-(

The entrance of the island

We all entered the beach and spent a good amount of time in the beach.

One of the good photos.

The below photo was a long standing wish for me. My footsteps in sand. :-)

The view while going to the Island

On the way to the Island:

A fisherman throwing his nets in the waters.

Fishermen catching fish while standing.



Srinivas said...

Hey Mega,

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. College apparama pasangala meet panrathu its always fun. Recently Gowtham, Sundar, Bodi and I met in New York. I met Prince last year. There are so many guys here, that by itself calls for a get-together..

Have fun,

Swathi said...

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