Monday, April 03, 2006

Goodiyam Caves

Place : Goodiyam Caves, Thiruvallore
People : Mega , Selvam , Senthilbabu , Yogendiran , Ganesh , vijayan.
Vehicle : Bajaj Avenger, Yamaha Libero , Bajaj Caliber.

Chennai is known as a place which doesnt provide much to travellers in the name of trekking. But there is one place which provides good opportunity to trek for those near chennai.

We decided to go to Goodiyam Caves for this weekend. Since we had known that if we give enough time for our friends to decide they will sothappify , we called up everyone on friday night and told them that we are going the next day morning. Thats it. We started from Vadapalani and took the Avadi Road to Thiruvallore.

We reached Thiruvallore and had our breakfast. We proceeded from there to Poondi Reservoir.After spending some time and taking some photos in the reservoir we crossed the reservoir and proceeded to our destination.

Stop at Poondi

We went to the goodiyam village and started our last end of the journey which was a troublesome 4km on pebbles.


We travelled at snails pace and reached a place where we decided that we cannot travel anymore on bikes. We parked our bikes there and started on foot. A long 2 Km walk on pebbles and rocks took us to the entrance of the caves.

Started Walk

Walking thru the forest

We were helped by the directions painted on the stones lying down.

The Caves covered in greens

The Caves are very wide and very big.

Entrance To the Caves

Deep Caves

There were lot of statues in the caves. This place is known to be a treasure trove for archaeologists , but since we were just engineers we did not understand anything.


After spending some time in the caves and exploring it we decided to leave as everyone badly needed water.

We took our vehicles and the return trip was very fast when compared to the ascent. We reached the Goodiyam village in no time and drank a lot of water.
After stopping at Poondi again to take the customary Photos we were back to thiruvallur and had our lunch.

Then it was return to chennai.


Bala said...

Hats off to chennai cow-boys and to their adventures!

BTW you forgot to inform us that cisco has a branch in the caves. Your cisco badge looks coool ;>

Senthil Babu said...

ivlo seekiramava... irundhalum ivlo vettiya iruka kudadhu :)

btw.. indha bala yaru namma sambara?

Anonymous said...

Dei, caves pooneenga vantheega seri. What did you see inside the caves?????

- Gopi B

Anonymous said...

Great place but looks very deserted.


Swathi said...

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