Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Kaatupalli Trip

Place : Kaatupalli Island, Ennore.
People : Mega , Senthil , Selvam , Surya , Omni.
Date : 6 May 2006
Vehicle : Trains and Diesel Boat

After lots of mails, We(I) decided to go to Kaatupalli Island near Ennore. My Friend Omni had arranged for boats and food.
We started from St.Thomas Mount and changed trains at Central to Ennore.We were picked up at Ennore by Omni.

Kaatupalli is a island near Ennore and supposed to be a quaint little one.

In Omnis home:

We had breakfast in omnis house and proceeded to the shores for getting into the boat.

After taking some time to buy things we would need during the trip , We got into the boats and started travelling. The waters here are backwaters from the sea and hence were salty.

In Shore temple:

On the way we saw a temple on the shores. We stopped there and had a look around the temple.

In Salt Factory:
Nearby we also saw a uppu kalam where we had lots of salt.

Bathing opposite Temple:

The good point about the waters here is that they are only chest high at the deepest point. Very good to swim without any fear.

Ennore Power Station :

View of the Ennore Thermal Power Station on an island. This island was once leased to the VGP brothers and was having the VGP Wonderland in it. VGP shifted its operations to the place now after the Govt required this for the power station.

Train on bridge :

On the way to Kaatupalli we crossed lots of bridges like this.

After some time we landed in kaatupalli and we started walking to get a glimpse of the village.
The village is a very small village with one concrete road , but sadly I dont have any photos of the vilage.
After walking sometime we got a glimpse of a good place which looked like a beach but was not.

Me in Golden Sands:

A Lone Tree :

The hot temperature was somewhat subdued by the presence of oases like this tree.

Though this looks the sands of a desert this is actually in the Kaatupalli village.

Bird in Flight:

The island had a "kulam" of sorts and I tried very hard to capture the birds in flight.
This photo is the result of that.

Senthil wanted to take a photo of a little girl and this is his take.

Team after trip

The team after successfully landing on shore.

At the end of the day we were back to where we started , i.e to Ennore.
And a view of the backwaters from the shore.


The below photo has really come out well. I donno who took it.



Manikam said...

Nice work megha! keep travelling and keep blogging. Apart from depicting your thoughts
these blogs also helps one decide on whether to go to a place or not, based on own personal preferences. Ever since I saw your articles about belur and halebid, I've been wanting to visit them. Just can't seem to get the time.

SLN said...

Hi Megharajan,

Thanks for visiting my Xlnt travels blog. Looks like we are birds of the same feather. I wish I were in Chennai and could travel to all the places you mention here. Keep up the good work

I have moved my blog over to my own web site (www.sln.in/Chennaispot). I will link your blog shortly


Arivoli said...

Blog mullama unnaku niraiya friends irrupanga pola....

Megarajan said...

Manikam and SLN,



Yetho konjam.

ayshwariya said...

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Swathi said...

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Bala Sakthis said...

Recently, I read the book சாதனை உலகில் சந்தோச உலா (ஜப்பானியப் பயண நூல்) written by V.G. Sandhosham, the younger brother of V.G. Panneerdas.

In this book, he had mentioned that they were planning to construct the Adhisaya Ulagam in Ennore. I thought the VGP Universal Kingdom was present in Injambakkam. After googling, from your Post, I came to know the actual history. Thanks! for posting.

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