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Temples in Chennai - 2 - Singa Perumal Kovil

Temples in Chennai - 2 - Singa Perumal Kovil

This is the second part in the series "Temples in Chennai". Have a lookkat the first one at

Temples-in-Chennai-1-Thiruvalluvar Kovil

The SingaPerumal Kovil is dedicated to Narasimmar and it seems that there are 11 major Narasimha kshetrams in TN . They are

1. Parikkal near Villupuram.
2. Singri near Pondicherry and Cuddalore.
3. Singaperumal Kovil near Chengalpet.
4. Poovarasan Kuppam near Panruti.
5. Sholingar near Walajapet.
6. Polur near Tiruvannamalai.
7. Sinthalavadi near Trichy.
8. Namakkal near Salem.
9. Singar Koil near Vellore.
10. Narasinghapuram near Tiruvallur.
11. Avaniyapuram near Kanchipuram.

You can get a list of Narasimmar temples outside TN at Outside TN


Sri Paadalathri Narasimha Perumal Thirukovil:

The Main Temple :

Steps around the temple

An interesting carving on the steps:

The Backside of the temple:

How to Go :

1. Take the Suburban Metro train from any of the station in the Chennai-Beach - Chengelput Route and get down at Singa perumal Kovil. From the station the temple is walkable distance.

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