Monday, May 05, 2008

Nilgiris Trekking - 2008 - Day 1

Place : Nilgris Hills
People : Mega, Srini, Saravanan and many others
Date : 27th Mar - 2 May 2008

After years of gathering information to find interesting places to visit, for a change I wanted to let someone else do the hardwork and just join the party at the

last minute. Hence when I came to know of YHAI organising a 5 day trek in Nilgris, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try them.

I had restricted myself to mostly 1 day or 1 place affairs due to various reasons and was hesitant about this 5 day trek. Since this was my first time with YHAI,

I was believing till the last minute that my bag would be carried by a vehicle to the trekking shed each day. But they destroyed my hope and I was left carrying

my bag for the whole trek :-). It was tough in the beginning but later it got adjusted.

Plan of the trek :


Day 1: Reporting at base camp Parsans Valley at 2.30 P.M
Day 2: Parsans valley to Mukurthi Dam (10km)
Day 3: Mukurthi Dam to Pandiar Hills(12km)
Day 4: Pandiar Hills to Pykara falls(16km)
Day 5: Pykara falls to Mudumalai(12km)
Day 6: Disperse after break fast


This is the map of our trek.


First Day :

Me and Saravanan were the first to report for the trek and we did so exactly at 2.30 P.M as mentioned.

YHAI Welcome :


Parsons Valley Trekking shed :

we stayed at the Parsons Valley Trekking shed for the first day.



Group at Parsons Valley Trekking shed :

A group photo before the start of the trek.


The first day of the trek consisted of a visit to the Parsans Valley Dam.

Parsons Valley Forest cover Details :

The details of the Parsons Valley forest range.


Parsons Valley Dam :

View from the Dam:


I came to know that Parsons Valley dam is the place where the climax of Roja was shot. So I give you photographic evidences for that :-)

Arvindswamy in the climax of the movie Roja:


Photo of the real place :


Madhubala in the climax of the movie Roja:


Photo of the same steps


Hence hereby its clearly understood and proved without doubt that the climax scene of Roja was shot in Parsons Valley dam. :-)
If the YHAI ever conducts a Quiz, they can include this as one of the questions. "Where was the climax scene of Roja shot ?".

P.S :

The Photos from the other days would be posted soon..


Sirisha said...

Hi Megharajan..
interesting comments.. seems you have done good lot of home work to get the relative photos from the movie and post here :-).

Take care.

Senthil Babu said...

"photography and videography not allowed" nu oru boardla potirundha adhaye nee photo pudichi vechiruka !!!

Bala said...


You have came a long way as a photograher! Great pics and its a great place!

Megarajan said...


Yes, I have taken more than a month to complete this series of blogposts. :-) so I have done a lot of homework..


ithellam arasiyalla sagajam..



raghu said...

Hi Megarajan, good narration. Keep going...

Anonymous said...

Hi Megha,

Nice blog. Glad I stumbled upon this. Having lived all my life outside india, I'm quite unfamiliar with tamil nadu or india for that matter. I will keep coming here to know more about the interesting places. And 'ithellam arasiyalla sagajam'...hahaha, super. Great job dude.


Megarajan said...

Hi Vishwa,

Thanks for dropping by.

Please do see all the other places in the blog also.

Karthikeyan said...

We did the same trek in 2005. A write up of the same is available in this blog.


Megarajan said...

Hi Karthikeyan,

Yes, I have seen your blogpost and must have read it many times before deciding to go on this trek.


lokesh L said...

When is d next program to this place

lokesh L said...

When is d next program to this place

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