Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The housewife explorers who climbed the Himalayas

The housewife explorers who climbed the Himalayas - Telegraph

What possessed three 1950s housewives to defy convention and set off together for the forbidden reaches of the Himalayas? And what did they find when they got there? Sally Williams talks to the women today

Telegraph TV: watch Anne, Eve and Antonia's film of the Himalayas

Fifty years ago three English housewives set off on a remarkable adventure. Anne Davies, 35, Eve Sims, 25, and Antonia Deacock, 26, who had no previous experience of overland expeditions, embarked on a journey everyone said could not be done by women: a 16,000-mile drive to India and back, and a 300-mile trek on foot into Zanskar, the remote Tibetan Buddhist kingdom.

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