Tuesday, February 03, 2009

YHAI - Youth Hostel Association of India

A little about YHAI:

YHAI stands for Youth Hostel Association of India. Its a Government supported organisation operating in a No-Profit, No-Loss basis.
The Youth Hostel movement was started in Germany and has since then spread to various countries.
The goal of it is to enable Youth to travel more in a cheap way.

In India, it comes under the control of the central Govt and is being run in a good manner.
Most of the Indian states have a state branch and organise State level treks.
In some cases, they organise National level treks also.

Advantages of trekking with YHAI :

1. Its Cheap.
2. Its safe, unless you do something stupid.
3. They cover the whole of India.
4. You need not run around for getting permissions from various concerned organisations.
5. Becoming a Lifetime Member is dirt cheap costing only 1700 Rs.

The YHAI main website :


And become a member at



! ky said...

hey megarajan thankx for the post.. plannin to join lets c. but this treking goes for a month plan how do u manage, when people like me working wont get that much days of holidays....

LavJ said...

Hi Mega,

Wonderful to see the pics... As i always say you are an excellent writer and an awesome photographer... Man, i would love to join this YHAI... Thanks for this nice piece of info.

Megarajan said...

Hi Ky,

Joining YHAI might end up as one of the wise decisions if you like trekking cheaply.


Thanks for the appreciation.
My humble suggestion is joining YHAI is a good thing.


LavJ said...

Hi Mega,

In your profile, you dint mention your contact details :) Can you update it with your mail id? !!

nichy said...

Nice blog.

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