Saturday, October 17, 2009

Did S.Ramakrishnan or Anantha Vikatan plagiarise my Photo ?

The answer very well might be NO :-). The title was just to grab attention :-).

But someone from the vikatan editorial team seems to have used my photo from my blog in the issue of Anantha Vikatan (30-9-09) for Ramakrishnans article "Sirithu Velicham", instead of going to the place and taking a photograph.


My Photo from the post Thiruvalluvar temple



Though this is not uncommon for individuals, a publishing house like Vikatan must be more cautious.

Though the photo in the vikatan article looks uncannily similar to mine, appearances can be deceptive. Please compare the photos and let me know your views also.

Apart from that its great to know that my photo has been used in S.Ramakrishnans article.

For people who dont know S.Ramakrishnan, he is one of the most respected tamil writer now. He is an inspiration for all people who wish to travel to obscure and forgotten places and pen down their thoughts. I drooled over his writings in "Thunaiezhuthu" and "Deshandhri" , both of which came as a series in Vikatan and later were published as a book.


His site is at

If you havent encountered him till now, "Thunaiezhuthu" and "Desandhri" will be a good place to start.


workhard said...

The pictures seem the same.. this is not the first incident that an editorial team has stolen pics off peoples blogposts...

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Subbu said...

Hi mega. How are your ancient places visiting going on. Its been almost 2 years since I travelled with you.

Megarajan said...


Thanks for the comments.


my travel is sort of going on ok. I am not meeting my goals of 1 new place per month due to various other interests taking time but working on it. sometime, We will try to go together.

Arivoli said...

You can write to Vikatan team upon this matter and get cleared.

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