Monday, January 14, 2008

The Motorcycle Diaries

Movie Review : The Motor Cycle Diaries :


When you look back the history of the world and try to pick a group of revolutionaires the world has produced, I am sure that Che Guevara would figure in that list.

Those who are not familiar with Che till now, should read the wikipedia entry on him.

Che Guevara

Though many would be happy to label Che as a Terrorist or a Guerilla, the truth is it depends on which side you are.

To say it in short,

Sidharthan,a prince, travelled wide, and became The Buddha, The Enlightened.
Ernesto,a well off doctor, travelled wide, and became "Che" Guevara, The Revolutionary.

What interests me in the above is the "travel" side to it and the Travels of Che Guevara have been made into a movie.

The Motorcycle Diaries

Anyone, who is even remotely interested in travelling should see this movie. You get to see the South America at its best and worst.

The gist of the movie is simple.

Che and his friend decide on a 6-month bike trip across the south american continent, do social work in a leper colony and settle down by 30.
At the end of the trip, one of them settles down but the other sets about changing the world.

This trip shapes the views and perspectives of Che and at the end of it as the movie poetically depicts, che decides that he will take the side of the underdog.

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