Monday, March 10, 2008

Temples in Chennai - 4 - Kundrathoor Murugan Kovil

Place : Kundrathoor Murugan Kovil
Date : 12/1/2008
People: Mega & Senthilbabu

Kundrathoor Murugan Kovil is one of the old and popular temples in TN and my longtime wish to visit it materialised finally.

The Temple


View of the temple steps. I hear that these steps have been featured in many of the Tamil films.

Kundrathoor Kovil

The temple gopuram

Kundrathoor Kovil

View of the nearby hill from the temple. Ofcourse, After seeing a hill,even though there is nothing on top of it, we cannot not climb it.

hill near Kundrathoor Kovil

We had a nice view of the Kovil from the nearby hill.


How To Go:

From Porur Junction, take the Kundrathoor road and you will reach this temple.

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bharbhi said...

Hi Megha,

I never knew you visit temples around the city. Couple of years back, i used to visit different temples ard Chennai every weekend. Guess your blog would help in locating temples across chennai. Let updating them, would be really helpful for people like me


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