Sunday, January 13, 2008

Temples in Chennai - 3 - Sekkizhar Kovil

Place : Sekkizhar Kovil
Date : 12/1/2008
People: Mega & Senthilbabu

Temples in Chennai - 3

This is the third part in the series, Temples in Chennai. If you missed out the previous posts, please checkout

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And this time, its again a peculiar temple, NoT a temple in the truest sense.

Without any further ado let me say that I had the chance to visit a temple dedicated to Sekkizhar, One of the greatest saivite saints of India.

The wikipedia article on Sekkizhar does not give much details, but anyway you can have a look.


To add to that,

1. Sekkizhar was born in Kundrathoor, now a suburb of Chennai.
2. He constructed a Sivan temple, Thirunaageswaram in Kundrathoor, which is still a big temple.

The Thorana vaayil on the entrance to the street.


The Temple:


Some of the wordings inside the temple.




Ofcourse, I visited the Kundrathoor Murugan temple and some others also, but they would be another post another time.

How To Go :

This place is on the right side before Kundrathoor Murugan temple and is in walkable distance from it. Any bus going to Kundrathoor Murugan temple, would do .

Thanks to my friend senthilbabu for showing this little unknown place.

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