Monday, May 19, 2008

Nilgiris Trekking - 2008 - Day 3

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We are into the third day of the trek and todays agenda was Starting from Mukuruthi Dam and reaching Pandiar Camp.

Start of the trek:

We had a group photo with the campleader before we started the trek.



Trekking amidst the clouds


Resting place :

This was a cool looking oasis amidst the hills and we had a nice rest here.



Edwin :

Edwin is one of the guys we met during the trek and he joined with us often since there were 5 of us more or less of the same age group and we all were speaking tamil. Every day after the trek is over when we had time to talk and discuss , edwin would tell us about all the movies he had seen and describe them in so good detail that you will want to see them. A


Lunch :

We came across a stream and we had our lunch here.


Pandiar Village:

Evening we reached the pandiar village and had nice tea here.


Pandiar Basecamp :


We reached the Pandiar basecamp around 4.30 and after having tea, others went for another trek to a nearby hill,Murugamalai while me and Sethu stayed behind to get some rest.

Now I notice that I have taken very less number of photos in this day, must be due to the reason that I felt tired and did not have the mindset to take many photos.

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