Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nilgiris Trekking - 2008 - Day 4 - Trek To Murugamalai

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Nilgiris Trek - Day 4- Trek To Murugamalai.

Murugamalai is a mountain in Pandiar and can be treated as a individual trek in itself. While all others had went to this place the previous day evening, I didnot go at that time and today morning again a group of five of us climbed to the top. It was the first time for me and the second time for the rest.

The Place in all its grandeur

The place looks just cool with grass evenly spread across the whole of the mountain with very less trees giving it a distinct look that invited everyone who saw it.


The steps:

The way to this mountain is just a series of steps carved out of the sand.


On the way :


The Murugan Temple ;

At the top of the mountain is a Murugan Temple with a minimalistic structure. No wonder since at this height it would be difficult to carry all the stone needed to construct a temple.


From the top of the mountain all we get is a sheer spread of mountains below you and you can enjoy all that to the max possible.






How to reach this place :

From Ooty Bus Stand take the bus that goes to Ooty Terrace Estate and get down at the last bus stop.


Subbu said...

Very nice pictures. Hope you have enjoyed it every second of it. Keep me updated about your future trips so that I will try to join you.

Suryateja said...

hey can u gimme the details of the trek, u can mail me at or call me at 9901771778

Megarajan said...

Hi Senthil,



you can look the details at

Rijeshpk 888 said...

I am rijesh From Thalassay my childhood spend there. In school vacation.
I like there festival, Kondamswamy and mariyama temple

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