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Poosimalai Kuppam Aranmanai

Place: Poosimalai Kuppam Aranmanai
Date: 1-11-2008
People : Mega,Arivoli,Srini,Dhamu,Balaji
Vehicles: Pulsar,Fiero,Splendor

Just to recap, I had gone to Vellore to attend my friend Raju's Wedding and had visited Kottaimalai near padavedu.

And after we returned from Kottaimalai and thinking about the plan for the next day, after the marriage gets over, people suggested a worn down,unused,not taken care of Palace in the nearby village.

"uncared for, Worn down" were words that I liked and hence we decided to go the palace.

I have never been to a Chettinadu Palace and it quickly occurred to me that this could be one like it.

Thanks to Vinnoli for finding this place.

The way to the Palace was devoid of any habitation but the roads were Very good.

Front view:




Side view

There were Iron Pillars from Glasgow,England.



The steps,Pillars and all the Walls were of high quality finish , that is not achievable nowadays and the Civil Engineers amongst us was quick to say that the high quality finish
was possible due to the addition of lime mortar and that practices has completely stopped now. He also said Infosys is one client who requests such finishes.



The Walls were pasted with floral designs, which I believe were Paper. But its tough to decide by looking at it now.



The Outer walls were also of high quality due to the high quality bricks that seem to have been used. Each brick was in perfect shape.



Once inside our task was to identify the prupose of each room. This one was a easy one and its fireplace. :-)






I am not sure about the below one , but this one looks to be a Royal Emblem of sorts.


Side view


After spending some 2 hours at the place we were left to wonder what it would have looked like when it was new and being used.
The palace has a outlook which we might label as British, but has Indian pillars and Arches commonly seen in Mughal architecture.
The place was a good mixture of English,Muslim and Hindu architectural elements.
We were lef wondering at the craftsmanship of Indian masons.

The Palace is constructed in a very good place such that it is completely surrounded by hills on three sides.

I later learn that , a Zameendar from this place who had studied in England had married a English woman and constructed this palace for her.

The place is in ruins now and I believe is cared by noone in particular. I hope the TN Archeaology Dept takes over this site and maintains it.

How to Go:

Go to Arcot and ask for Poosimalai Kuppam.


Dharma said...

Very nice posts on a hitherto unknown place, Mega.

Keep it going.


Bala said...

"He also said Infosys is one client who requests such finishes"

Who is he here buddy? and thats a interesting way to present a "worn-out" Palace - geat post!

Megarajan said...

thanks da dharma...


That "he" is one of my Civil Engineer friends Balaji, who came along with us.

Viswapriya said...

This palace at poosamalai kuppam and one at SV nagaram belonged to my wife's family. They were called the Arni Jagir and ruled arni from 1640 to 1951 . U can get more info at

Megarajan said...

Hi Viswapriya,

Good to know you and thanks for the link. It has good information.


Viswapriya said...

Hi Megarajan,

Can you let me know ur cell no to my email id

chandru arni said...

I am the Jagirdar of Arnis son.My name is Chandru Arni and I am 81 years old.I stayed at Poosi over 70years back. These are Excellent pictures and brought tears to my eyes when I realaised the condition, etc. The abolition of the Jagir took place in 1952 by the Indian Govt and we were unable to upkeep this with the meager compensation. All the doors and furniture were ransacked, etc. I have the original picture with me and is given in my website
Please allow me to ue these pictures in my latter website and I will give due refernce to you. If you want I will give you old pictures _ over 150 years back of Poosi and the palaces at ARNI.
My ay email is

Megarajan said...


Sure will send an email to you.

Chandru arni,

I am very glad to see your comment and know about you.

After viswapriya gave the link, I went through the site entirely and I saw the old photos also.

When I went to this place, the battery in my camera died and I requested my friend Arivoli to go to this place another day just to take photos of this place to use in my blog. These are his photos, you can use them and give reference as "Arivoli and family, Waalajah".

Thanks for provding comments.

Arivoli said...

Ni Rombha nallavan da......hearta touch pannitae...

Megarajan said...


np. u are welcome.

Brahmanyan said...

Though late I wish to convey my appreciation and thanks to the team for exposing the hidden treasurers of South Indian History. It is a pity that these heritage buildings are left in despair. I wish the Government of TN or some Universities take in interest in renovating these wonderful Buildings.

Megarajan said...


Thanks for dropping by.


Anonymous said...


I had recently visited Poosimalai maligai to relive the childhood days of my father inlaw, who had visited the bunglow as part of his 6th grade school excursion... The remains today made me think of the glorious life the person who lived there would have enjoyed... Wow what a place loved the pool especially. I am also fascinated by the web I was thinking if I will get some information... but ended up finding a lot... thanks for sharing your experience.

Mathuram Nallathambi CUA said...

Oh I'm mathu wrongly posted in anonymous.

Megarajan said...


Thanks for dropping by.

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Babu said...

Nice places

Rajan the Boss said...

Thank u sir.. I'm Rajan film director in Tamil.. I have shooted film in poosimala kuppam palace 1 year before.. Now again i plan to shoot my second movie. I need more original details of this beautiful palace.. Plz help me sir, so that i can show this palace to whole India in silver screen.. My contact number 8553954959, email thank u sir

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