Friday, June 13, 2008

Nilgiris Trekking - 2008 - Day 6

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We are onto the last day of our Nilgiris 2008 trek and the agenda of the last day is to leave after breakfast:-)

The team that stayed till the last :


From left, Edwins father,Saravanan,Mega,Prasanna,Camp Leader,Edwin,Sethu and Kathiravan.

After succesfully completing my first trek with YHAI, I am happy that I got to know them atleast now and have set a goal of 1 trek per year.
For those who dont know about YHAI , here is a brief description .

A little about YHAI:

YHAI stands for Youth Hostel Association of India. Its a Government funded organisation operating in a No-Profit, No-Loss basis.
The Youth Hostel movement was started in Germany and has since then spread to various countries.
The goal of it is to enable Youth to travel more in a cheap way.

In India, it comes under the control of the central Govt and is being run in a good manner.
Most of the Indian states have a state branch and organise State level treks.
In some cases, they organise National level treks also.

Advantages of trekking with YHAI :

1. Its Cheap.
2. Its safe, unless you do something stupid.
3. They cover the whole of India.
4. You need not run around for getting permissions.
5. Becoming a Lifetime Member is dirt cheap costing only 1700 Rs.

The YHAI main website :

And become a member at

Happy Trekking ...


Kiran said...

Great Mega.. Nice pics.. your travelogues are very inspiring.. thanks for showing to people forbidden beauty through your pics and comments.. keep posting.. :)

YOSEE said...

Lovely pictures. Informative text.

Swathi said...

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